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Classes Began

September 5, 2007
Classes has finally begun on August 27th and this semester there was record high student enrolment.  As such every class was filled to the brim.  My ideal class size is between 15 and 25 but now my biggest class is 48 and the smallest is 28.   I teach 4 classes hold a Putnam seminar class and lead one student for research.
Last Monday (Sep 03) was Labor Day and there was no class.  Students were very happy but it totally screwed up my teaching schedule.

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  1. Vicky permalink

    Aiyo, can write something more interesting other than class size? Suggestion: How about writing something that has nothing to do with numbers?

  2. Nabueh permalink

    How about this?  The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that the product of two conjugates (e.g. space and momentum, or Engery and time) cannot be arbitrarily small.  And someone uses the Schrödinger wave equation : Hf = Vf (where H is the Hamiltonian Operator and V is the potential operator) to prove the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.  (You said no numbers, I haven\’t included any numbers yet.)  We can either use the Heisenberg matrix to solve the Quantum Mechanics or go into the square integrable space of functions to study the QM effect.  Some mathematicians realize that this Hibert Space is the same as the space of square summable space of sequences and that\’s another neat way to look at elements of the state space.  So is light a particle or a wave?  It\’s both.  or neither,, or either!  Einstein preferred to look at light as a particle in his Nobel Prize wining Photoelectric effect experiment.  But many Physicist preferred that everything is a wave.  So you\’re a wave.  I\’m a wave and so is the earth and the ball we kick, etc.  If everything is wavy, then we all can be  Fourier analyzed?  That we all can be written as sums of sine and cosine waves?  As Fourier series?  Wow!

  3. Unknown permalink

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