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Time to move again!

September 14, 2007
I hv some time to kill now while my students are taking their Linear Algebra Exams…For something more interesting than what’s below, I refer U to "GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY…"


We talked a lot about getting out of the US.  Why?  This place, the environment (治安 Zhi An) is not very good.  Kadang, kadang terrorist like to bomb here, bomb there。 We could use a safer corner somewhere else on earth.  I have lived in five different cities in this part of the continent (including Canada) and still think US is rich money-wise but in terms of moral or culture, it’s lacking.  Here are some possiblilities I could think of:


Toronto is my first place of graduate study.  I did a lot of Stochastic Processes there and perfected my Cantonese there too (hanged out too often with the HongKongers),   This would be a great place to migrate to ‘cos I heard they still hv Teochew food (see Vicky’s Universe 3 March 2007) and 5 new HongKong towns.  But I heard Vancouver is even better.  Unfortunately I’ve never been there. to verify what people say.   People said it’s like SF, California.  I was in SF Bay Area for 9 days (I lied, I was actually in MSRI Berkeley, 1998) thought it was not as exuberant in its growth/culture as I thought it would be.   It’ll be like to go back to Square One (Toronto, I mean) in this continent.  The Chinese saying "Good horse don’t eat back-track grass" (好马不吃回头草).  I’m not a good horse.   Maybe that saying doesn’t apply here.


Only been there once.  Don’t like how fake everything looked.  Like Disney World  They must have torn down everything and built anew when they finally kicked the British out.  But I visited only the East Coast.  Wonder what Perth or even Alice Spring looks like.  I guess I could hv a fam, rear some Emu or Ostriches and enjoy country life!!   It’s easy to get Malaysian or S’porean food there.  I read a lot of Malaysian blogs and most of these Chinese Malaysians studied there!  My wife / daughter would love it, especially my wife, she’s from Indon.  Indon is so near to Aussy, she could easily find an Indon community.  Hey, I could then polish on my Bahasa Indonesia!  


This will be the last choice.  But nonetheless, it’s still a choice.  The freedom of press and freedom of expression there is rated worse than countires like Thailand or Indonesia.  And of course it’s no match for HK in terms of freedom.  Not even after HK is handed over to mainland China.  But it’s secured.  My daughter will be forced to be bilingual (or even trilingual).  But who knows, she might ends up half half like the infamous Steven Lim in Girls Out Loud.  But it’s the country that has quality education next to nothing ( I remember paying only supplementary fee $2 or $3 and NUS was so cheap, I can do tutoring and pay my school fee and still hv extra for makan.)  After all, I am what I am today becos of the education system there.  Thank you Pearl Bank Primary Sch.  Thank you ACJC!  I could so grow old in S’pore and find out if my CPF is enough and be an Ah Pek roaming around Chinatown ogling at Xiao Jie (小姐)!  My family in S’pore would love it when I decide to come back home for good.  Even my in-laws in Indo will be screaming with joy.  ‘Cos is means their daughter is now nearer to them.


Was offered a job there in 2000 when I applied (Natinal Chung Cheng Univ in Chiayi).  Too bad I have a better offer from ERIE.  Now that I think of it, maybe I can reapply for jobs there.  My wife is afriad war might breakout when the Taiwanese shouted "Independence!" too too loud.  I might have to brush up my Chinese.  No ,actually just learn the mathematical terms in Chinese will do.  Or maybe I speak half-half like most Singaporeans:  "老师, 可以不可以去toilet?" or "哦, 你要死啊! 你还没有study 你的 Calculus 啊?"

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  1. Vicky permalink

    FYI, that Steven Lim in the u-tube in your link is more whinny than most women I know, and to indulge in senseless shallow debate with a woman is totally uncool. I gave up after 5 secs of watching.
    So since there is no place on Earth to your liking, where thou are you going to drag your poor family next? Aiya, haven\’t you heard, as long as you are happy internally, external factors should not bother you at all!

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