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Another Exam day

September 21, 2007
Today is another exam day for my Math 22 class.  That means: another free time for me to add another blog. Open-mouthed  Actually, I have to maintain two departmental webpages (they both seriously need major overhaul), one multiply blog page(whenever I feel there’s something funny to add) and this one (I’ll leave it for when I have to proctor exams in class).   And it seems I update this one merely to parallel 9more like complement) another universe as yo can see only one person comment on my blog.
Stuff I teach now I could teach them even before I went to graduate school.  Ah yes, I actually was doing some relief teaching in Hwa Chong Junior College when I was an undergrauate.  And I don’t remember anything new I learn pedagogically since then.  But I have to say Hwa Chong students are a lot better than the students I taught here.  And the students here are supposed to be doing their Bachelor degree! Sarcastic So the teaching part of my job has been very easy.  It leaves me with no excuse not to do research and publish papers which I must admit I did not do very well.  So you can basically say job-wise, I have not been doing very much. 
But my eye doctor told me what I’m doing now is very important.  Dr. Sanders is one of the few Eye Doctor in Erie who has an OptoMap machine that could map your retina.  He’s a very busy man and his wife is also an eye doctor.  (There’s another Dr. Sanders next to his clinic that’s giving Chiropractic Therapy and they look so alike I bet they’re both related.)  With his "assurance", I always comfort myself that even though I’m doing "nothing", I’m still contributing to society.  As a S’porean, I hate to think that I’m a bum or a parasite.  I’m basically a workaholic like most S’porean but trapped in a place with nothing to do except looking after my family (gardening, mowing the lawn, changing diaper, bathing the toddler, do the dishes/laundry etc) which I was not paid to do.

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