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Annual Dental & Health Exams

September 23, 2007


My dental health, I admit, has not always been good.  Despite twice a year cleaning and daily 3 times a day brushing/flossing, it still looks terrible, terrible.  This year alone, I’ve done a crowning (which involves two temps and numerous amount of pain due to temps which are too high and the actual crown is too sensitive), a root canal, and three wisdom teeth removal.  But as long as I keep away from cavity, I’m happy with it even if it looks like this with lots of ugly coffee stain:


I’ve never been fitter.  I admit I’m not as fast or so strong as before but I’ve committed myself to an hour of exercise daily.  The feeling of staying fit is so nice.  When I was younger, I trained much harder but I was never committed to at least an hour nor did I do it so regularly.  Back then, sometimes I’ll go three months without any exercise and lots of beer or just do a 5-15 mins run and call it a day.  Now I hardly drink and wake up and hit the gym by 6AM in the morning so that I can be on time for my 8AM class.  I was diagnosed with hypertension when I was in the Univ but now, my blood pressure is a healthy 120/84.  I think it’s not how hard one exercises but how regularly.  This taught me a lesson in moderation, regularity and a liitle bit of the middle path as in the Eight Fold Path. Seriously, I’m not even flexing my stomach in the photo and I look like this…
I weigh 174 pounds (79 kg) and my height is 5 feet 9 in (1.70 m), that makes my BMI 25.7.  That is considered overweight in the US and I think it’s also considered obese in Singapore!  But my granny said my ancestor have very very heavy bones and everyone in the family including the women weighs a lot even though each is skinny (okay, I’m not all that slender but all my aunts are).

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