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Dental Checkup

October 4, 2007
Dr. Brozewicze is my dentist and since I’ve lived in 4 different cities in the States, I changed my dentist a lot.  Even in ERIE, I moved and changed my dentist.  My former dentist, Dr. Minichelli, is a happy go lucky man whose favorite first line when I arrive is "Hey how’s things? You’re not causing any BIG trouble are you?"  He convinced me to do a bridge and though the daily cleaning is a little involved and absolutely necessary, I’ve never regretted it.
It’s amazing what a simple cleaning can do for you.  In Indoensia, professional dental treatment/cleaning is so expensive, not many people do they annual checkup.  They only visit the dentist when there is problem with their teeth.  In Singapore, as a Primary School student, I had free dental treament.  Then I seemed to continue with little or no payment all the way to JC.  And in the Army, it’s completely free.  After that, every trip seemed to cost me quite a bit.  I forgot exactly how much, but as a poor undergraduate, I felt a pinch everytime I pay the cashier.  And the dentist was horrible to say the least.
I did my cleaning last week.  Look at the before and after picture below.  I don’t even need to tell you which is before and which is after.  I used to hate seeing the dentist when I was young, but here in the States, the dentists are so polite and professinal, you don’t feel a bit intimidated. And the cost? If you have an insurance, it’s very little.  If you don’t have an insurance, I think it’s more expensive than in S’pore.

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