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October 19, 2007


Even though I put up a face in front of a classroom and tell student how facts/figures taken from blogs are not to be included in their research papers and even Wikipedia is to be taken with a pinch of salt, I like to sneak into these pages myself.  For example, if during a social conversation, I found myself lacking in aspects of what those people were talking about (behind their Labatt Blue or Corona), I’ll secretly go to the nearest computer and read up the summarised version of the topic in Wikipedia, or do so in huge amount after the party at home.  I sound like a complete hipocrat.  As a faculty member, I would scorn on students talking about blogs and facebook but in my private live, I love reading blogs.
The ones most visited are blogs of family members and friends.  With the electronic world and living in a place where broadband is readily available, why not?  This is the best way to touch base and keep in touch with people "around" you.  Then there’re those famous bloggers whom I can’t wait for their next blog to appear. 

Kenny Sia

Kenny Sia is my favorite.  This Kuching guy is young, plump, writes pretty well and has accent like a Singaporean taxi driver!  I love all the things he loves and since my marriage, my love to travel has been filled vitually by Kenny on the blog.  It’s like having your second half doing the mission you did not complete and reading all about them on his blog!  E.g his hike to Mt Kinabalu and his recent travel to a remote northern city in Vietnam.  If I were 17  years younger, I’ll probably do what this guy is doing.  Or should I say "When I grow down, I’ll like to be Kenny Sia!"?


Wendy (I forgot her surname) also known as Xiaxue., is probably the most popular (most number of hits) blogger in S’pore.  True, all that she discuss is superficial and shallow.  In the US, we’ll probably call her names like "bimbo", "airhead" etc.  But even the lowest and most disgusting creatures on this earth have values.  I mean without the lowly, how do you consider yourself high and mighty?  Everything is relative, right?  it’s like, in a classroom, if all my students get 100%, then who is good?  Anyway, I like to go to the pinkish Xiaxue once in a while and laugh at how silly or shallow a person could be in S’pore.  Even the lowly creatures have their places on this earth.


I found sisuah (not anyone’s name) through Kenny Sia.  Si Suah Lai literally means "any how come".  That’s what most Hokkien Ah Beng will say when he think what you do/say is : "Bullshit", "Nonsense", "Piece of Thrash!" or "Thoughtless".  It’s amasing how good an English writer Sisuahlai is.  IMO, he’s better than Kenny Sia, or myself!  But (s)he, would rather hide behind some Hokien phrases and write.  When I was young, I used to admire those Kung Fu heros who did not appear as the most senior monk in the ShaoLin but is just a "Kuching Kurat" small time leaf sweeper in the Martial Arts Temple but whose KungFu (to no one’s knowledge) outstripped even the best of the best.  Sisuahlai is one such character.  Even his/her style in photoshopping the picture is amazingly profound.  Unless he hires a profession to do it for him?


Regardless of how much I would not follow any of what was done by my students, I frequent the facebook a lot.  Almost all my studnets add me as their "friend" and I go to facebook to look at what my worse students (academically) and most mischievious students and  funiist clowns.  Sometime they make fun of me on facebook even though they know I’ll be reading it!  But it’s amzing how you see the other side of people in the virtual world.  Kind of like "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.", so "What is written in facebook, stays…"


One has to marvel at what YOUTUBE has done for the internet.  Youtube is like the google of yesteryear.  "Google" is now an English word, I guess some form of "youtube" should too.  With youtube, I can look out for the Taiji movement I forgot or even see the video blog of some people.  My wife is stuck on youtube once she found a Mediacorp drama on it.  Even if it’s 125 episodes!  I used it to entertain my daughter if I have to work on something in the office.  It has Disney Mulan in various languages, it has all the other clips of "Princess" movies, it has Winnie the Pooh in almost any languages but most importantly, now, it has Doraemon.

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