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before Thanksgiving

November 16, 2007
Next week is Thanksgiving week and there will be no classes.  I’ve been waiting a long time for a mid semester break.  This one is long overdue.  Most breaks are right in the middle of the semester but this one is near the end.  Students are given an exam today before they go on to eat a lot and gain 5 lbs during this week.  Xiaxue (in her October 10, 2007 blog page) will be having her Thanksgiving turkey with her Angmoh boyfriend in Decmeber.  I bet she didn’t know Thanksgiving will be long over by the time she visits her BF in early December. 
Most American have Thursday and Friday off.  Some may have the Monday after Thanksgiving because usually that’s the first day of hunting.  We’ll probably not do what the crazy Americans do.  They’ll cook a lot of unhealthy food.  Eat a lot and gain a lot of weight and go shopping!.  Most people has no idea how much a typical American consume on Thanksgiving Day.  Maybe with youtube and blogs, we have a better idea.  Acutally, correction, we’ll be in the shopping craze on Black Friday.  That’s the day after Thanksgiving where people stand in line outside the store hours before it’s opened.  And if they don’t have policy of queuing like WALMART, then it’s just barbaric pushing and wiggling to the front once the door is opened.

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