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Singaporean for Golden Horse Award

December 1, 2007
If you asked me in 1975 (I was in Primary School then) whether a Singaporean will ever be nominated for the Golden Horse Award (金馬獎), I will give you a definite "Impossible" as my answer because

  1. I was only a 10 year-old
  2. there wasn’t that many movies produced in S’pore
  3. there wasn’t any significant films apart from TV series (drama/comedy) made in S’pore

Kenneth Tsang,曾江 a reknown HK actor moved to Singapore in 1994 and sneered at Singaproean acting indutry.  He created quite a wave and Bai Yan 白言(a famous comedian with Wang Sa and Ye Feng) demanded an apology for the unwarranted remark of Kenneth Tsang.  Tsang left the Chinese Channel 8 and moved to English Channel 5 instead (he graduated from UC Bekerley anyway).  Later he appeared in Parental Guidance by Adrian Pang (Singapore English actor) and Jessica Hsiun (another Honky!)

Jack Neo started in Music and Drama company in SAF and RODed to produced quite a lot of movies and comedies in S’pore.  One of his recent show "Just Follow Law" 我在政府部门的日子was nominated for Golden Horse Award in two categories.  In the best actor category,葛米星, who incidentally turned out to be a Pearl Bank Primary school mate of mine, was nominated.  Ironically the actress, Fann Wong 范文芳, a very famous international S’porean actress (acted in Shanghai Knights) did not get any nomination.  Just Follow The Law took the Freaky Friday’s idea of exchanging souls and bodies between two persons.  A similar show in Japanese was also very popular.  But Tanya Chew has to bear with tremendous humiliation to live in the body of Tan Teng Zui.

Could he win the 44th Golden Horse Award as best Actor against Aaron Kwowk and other reknown HK/Twiwanese actors?  My answer , "No!".

No offense to my former classmate but like discrimination against Asian in Hollywood, the GHA 金馬獎 has "discrimination against non HK/Taiwanese production.  Until and unless there is breakthrough (like a Black US president), it’s going to take a lot of nomination before one falls through the crack!



And what about the Taiwanese Golden Melody Award?  Can S’porean win that?  Well, if you ask me, I’ll say,  "That’s different.", "Bedah!", "Tigau!"  If you looked at the nominees, it’s full of mainland Chinese.  Mainland is flexing its muscle in many many ways.  They have their own duBai to comepete with, their own AlJazeera, their own CNN, in different lanaguages and different parts of the world, they’re even discussing the "Green Card" policy recently (no, I don’t mean Green Card to immigrate to US but the Permanent Residency for living/working in the mainland).  Yes, the Music Industry is very different from that of the Movies.  And Okay Miss Chua of Singapore did win the 第17届台湾金曲奖 (the 17h GMA) as 最佳女歌手.   And then she went on to be nominated for the GCMA 2006 (13th), and didn’t win but that requires an entire blog space to tell the story.


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