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Things U can find in the US

December 19, 2007
It’s amazoing what you can find here in America.  And I’m not talking about the most hitech stuff nor the best chhesecake nor the largest mega shoping mall, I’m talking about..I’m talking about stuff like…

Black and White TV

Yes, you can go to a shop and still find new black and white television on the shelf.   And it’s not because people are too poor to afford TV, in fact many American famlies have numerous TV in their houses.  But you still have people who thinks small balck and white TVs suit their needs.  The first time I saw that in my landlady’s home, I thought it was some antique she had.  But no, she turned it on and adjusted her Rabbit Ear antanne and told us we can use her B & W TV.

Video Cassette Recorder

Yes, I mean VCR and VHS.  While these are phased out in even places like Indonesia, and impossible to rent anywhere in Singapore and HK, American video stores still carry shows and movies in VHS format.  Most of all, you still can buy brand new low-level 2-Head VCR (the recorder or player) from the electronic store.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying most people have only VCR, in fact most people own a DVD player now but the market for VHS is still big enough for Video REntal stores to carry them.

Normal pencil that needs sharpener

Mechanical pencils did not catch up here.   My students still use normal pencils that require sharpening.  And in the exam, they like using pencils and the dirty inefficient erasers that’re on the other end of their pencils.  And they usually do not carry a sharpener with them.  So they either carry a few pencils with them, or worse, come to the front of the classroom that usually has a sharpener that’s mounted on the wall and sharpen their pencil with that nooisy tool.  Sometimes it makes forieng instructor wonder what that ugly, hand-winding tool is that’s mounted in front of a modern day hi-tech classroom.

Super Cheap Instant Noodles

No, you don’t know what I’m talking about unless you’ve been to North America. There’s no noodles like American Ramen Noodles.  You can’t find those in Asia.  They’re so cheap sometimes you can get ten or a dozen of those for less than a dollar.  And they taste nothing like Sapporo Ichiban or Maggi or NomShim Ramyeon or Shim Ramyun or Indomie or Nissin Cup Noodles.  It’s kinda hard to describe what it taste like.  If only that’s a way we can taste or smell something on the internet.  It’s mainly produced by Maruchan though other compnay made similar disgusting products too.

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  1. Vicky permalink

    I just cleared up all my kids\’ Disney VHS. Do you want or not? Let me know before I send it to the recycling bin. We are all DVD now. And we do also get normal pencils as well as mechanical ones. However, I don\’t think you can find B&W TVs. Soon you may not even be able to find Cathode ray TVs anymore. In my house, we on,y hvae LCDs.

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