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Preparing to go home

January 11, 2008

It must have been a long, long time since I went home to Asia for more than a month. I have been here since 1990 but I don’t remember going home long enough although I must have done it once or twice before. But this summer I will be home pretty long due to family commitments. There will be a lot of financial commitment. I will still have to pay mortgages here, and pay someone to mow the lawn or look after the house for 3 months.  Apart from the air ticket, I will have to think about expenses in Asia for three months.

This time my daughter will not travel free, she is already three year-old. The situation in the US is bad. It is close to a recession but politicians are afraid to use the R word. And many will deny it or go around it. Maybe going home will be a blessing in disguise. I found it hard to believe when 20/20 program of ABC here call Singapore the Happiest place in Asia

I give up mysummer jop here that pays quite a lot for only 7 weeks work. I might be able to find somethingelse to do and get some money in Singapore but not as much. I will try private tutoring (tuition) and charge high price like $50 or a hundred dollars each meeting. Even at that rate, I’ll have to work very much harder than I do in ERIE for a summer course to get the same amount of money.  And if the family situation does not improve, I might have to do this every year for a few years.  Sigh! But I love Asia.  Especially Singapore.   Even ABC claim that "Singapore Has Found the Secret to Satisfaction".  This might be a good reason to move home for good. But financial stability must be my top priority now that I have a family to support.  Maybe PM LHL will embrace me?  Maybe I can just settle down with just a normal job teaching in a Polytechnic but have to tighten my belt? This will be a good time to meet up with old freidns and super longtime friends.


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