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Chinese New Year

February 7, 2008
Chinese New Year is not a public holiday in the US.  In a big city, the schools allow chinese kids to take a day off.  In a small city like Erie, Pennsylvania, it just passes like any other ordinary day.
But we always do something special to celebrate this special day.  My wife will cook all kinds of things that’s chinese-new-yeary by learning from the internet and blogs (mostly from Lily Ng) and this year we have
  • fried carrot cake (see my cup of morning coffee next to it?)



  • fish (no, not the raw fish lah, can kill yourself if you eat yu sang here)
  • bee hoon / kuay teow (no recipe, this is my specialty)

My brother will be in S’pore just before CNY-eve.  And this year is special, my granny is mentally quite sick and I’ll be going home for 3 months in the summer and an aunt who’s 53 will be getting married to an Ang-moh.  And I still wonder what I could do to get money in the three long months in S’pore / Indonesia.

In the midst of all this, we invited a Singaporean-Canadian and his roommate to our house to share our food.  We hope he can be out house-sitter while we’re away between May and August.  He’s so hungry for S’porean food, even the kuay-teow made his mouth water.  And he did go home to S’pore in Dec ’07!  Food.  There’re lots of Americans who would not come back to US because of food in SE Asia.  They’re so readily available and so cheap.  See for example, Positive Expected Value Live Spaces.


Here’s another picture of the 菜頭糕 /芋頭糕 (carrot cake) before it’s fried with eggs.

We also made 發糕(Huat Kueh, I’m repeating myself again) but that turns out to be nice colourful looking but very hard.


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One Comment
  1. Vicky permalink

    Wow, so delicious.
    Happy Rat Year to you!

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