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Did anyone say Hainanese Chicken Rice?

February 23, 2008

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Most S’pore who are overseas (wait, isn’t this miss their favorite Char Kuay Teow or Hainanese Chicken Rice.  Not unless they live near some Malaysian ot Singaporean restaurants.  (And even if they do, these restaurants charge a lot and the chicken rice is only so-so, or even below average.)  But not me.  In fact I cook and eat this frequently. The only difference is:  S’porean eat this in hot hawker centre or in expensive Mandarin Chatterbox, I get to eat it during the worst of snow storm with minus 20 degree outside and waist high snow. I stepped into the house smelling the fragrance of cilantro and pandan/garlic chicken rice.  My spouse (and child) has never stayed in Singapore for more than 2 weeks in a row but she made this nasi hainam
complete with drumstick
and soup/chilli.

I live near Chinatown Maxwell Road formerly and I must say our C. Rice has a 50-50 chance to compete with Tian Tian Hainanese in Maxwell Road.  We learnt the secret after numerous (maybe a hundred or so)  trials.  If I may let you in a little, "quench the chicken in cold icy water after cooking"…shhh, not too loud… Coming up on my next blog (if I have time, kalo ada waktu, 如果有时间的话, 時間があれば)  okara goreng (おから) not to be confused with Okara the city in Pakistan.  Yes, we make our own soya bean milk (豆花水), and the pulp is not thrown away, we make it into patties….


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