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It’s March

March 1, 2008

March in Erie, Pennsylvania

For most Americans March means March Madness.  But for me, March is nothing about sports or basketball.  March of Dime would be asking me for donation.  My birthday will be really near and boy it’s exciting to be forty-three years old.  I can still vivid rememebr how excited I was on my twenty-first birthday twenty-two yrs ago.  Most importantly, I’ll like to share with you photos of views of what you can see in ERIE in a typical March dayhorizon.
No that’s not a black and white photo. That’s a colour photo. It’s a skyview from local WICU12 newswatch (click on me and see ERIE on other days!). 
Yes, you guessed right, the horizon is a small tiny part of Lake ERIE.  Yes, that’s the body of water that flows from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario via the Niagara river and the rush created what is now the famous Niagara Falls.   But what you see that is mostly white is SNOW.  Snow is a four letter word here.  We have lots and lots of snow each year.  Even after Chinese New Year, my family would always say "Still got snow, meh?  I thought CNY (春节)means Spring is here and that’s why people hang their 春 upside down…"  And every year I have to convince them and explain to them like I’m that little boy telling lies about the wolf coming. 


Just yesterday, we came back from a visit to a friend’s house and they are so lazy to shovel their driveway, our car almost got stuck.  And our car is installed with 4 SNOW tires!  Lake effect snow keep falling, I’m sure lots of people last month went to the doctor for back pain due to over-shoveling.  Take a look at the weather forecast below.  The whole week, except for Sun and Mon, it’s snow, snow, snow!  (Temperatures are not in Celsius!)  Snow is beautiful but this time of the year, if you sing "Let It Snow", somebody might just stab you on your back with a knife to stop you Smile. 

One Comment
  1. Vicky permalink

    Wow, so wonderfully cold! A really good reason to eat steamboat every night. Save the cooking.

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