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More Snow

March 8, 2008

The snow was pretty bad the day before.  We were afraid we might not make it home after school and after fetching the kid from the babysitter.  But with four snow tires on the tiny Toyota Corolla, we arrived home safely.

Next morning, there was about two feet of snow outside.  An hour of digging near the garage door later, I was onlhy able to clear a small pathway barely enough for 3 chicken to play around.  Below is me removing my gloves, taking a break from an hour of shovelling.


footOfSnow2After taking five (more like fifteen), I continue with my digging.  Everytime I have lots of shovelling to do, the Chinese phrase "各人自扫门前雪,莫管他人瓦上霜" kept ringing in my ears.  It must be the effective way they teach Chinese in Singapore.  I must have left my Chinese classroom more than twenty-five years after learning this phrase, but images of responsibilities, concern for others, hard work appeared in my head everytime I reach a moral dilemma.  Am I English educated or Chinese educated?  One Math teacher in ACJC (my NUS classmate) I met two years ago thought I was Chinese educated.  "Huh?  You’re not Chinese educated yeah?  Then how come you speak Chinese to all the Math teacher in the common room?  I thought all Math majors are Chinese Educated one."

Or if I get really tired, I day-dream about how a genie will easily remove my whole entire driveway of snow in one easy scoop.  Wait.  I’m assuming it’s a good genie.  Otherwise an untrained, clumsy one (ever heard of a clumsy genie?) can also easily uproot my trees in the front yard.  Or worse, damage my whole house!

Three or more hours of digging later, I manage to clear one-third of my drive way.  One third down, two- -third more to go.  This is no different from digging trench in my National Service Days.  The only difference is: in Exercise Starlight, I cannot take a long break in between digging —  not unless, I was a Keng-King.  Now I remember, if you keng too much, you automatically sabo people around you.  A Keng King is also a Sabo-king.


Then my neighbour came by and asked me if I needed help.  I hesitated (pai-say right?  own thing never do own self…), then knocked my head a little and in a few minutes, he came over with this huge machine and did the rest of my driveway within half an hour!  "Thank you Dave.  I hope my manual shoveling did not damage your yellow house!  And your dog seemed happy in the pile of snow!  You can come play basketball in my driveway anytime you want until May!  Thank you!  You’re my genie"



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