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Random Photos and what they are

March 18, 2008
Who is this guy?  Or what is this?

He ooks like a star trek Klingon.  But he’s a Spitzer.  But no, he’s actually an Earthling and he claimed to defend many thing humane.  TIME magazine called him the Crusader of the Year 2002.  But he’s also accused of some major wrongdoings.  What is it?  Click here to find out what New York Times said about him. Or here to see what a "great" person he is from FORTUNE of CNN Money (the picture there is even funnier).  Or better still google "Spitzer" to know who this bald guy is.  Lots of night show used him as a joke.  He almost become the running mate of Hillary Clinton. 

What’s that? 

That’s the porch of my garage.

It looks like I am trying to make the region biggest ice-kacang to break the World Record.  You’re most welcome to take some if you want. 

These things sometimes can break my back.


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One Comment
  1. Vicky permalink

    How did the snow get in? Don\’t you have a roof over that?

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