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Huat Kuih

April 8, 2008

HuatKueh1 Is it Huat Kueh? Huat Ko? OR what Lily Wai call Kue something… or Kuih apa…yach?  Or Fatt Koh (she must be Cantonese Malaysian living in the Denver, Colorado, US). 

HuatKueh3  We tried a similar things last month but it was disastrous, too hard.  But this time it’s fluffy.  with just the right texture.


And that blog has so many hits, I wonder why…

Alright, now I get my potential numerous hits, I like to talk about my bad hair day.  I swim and run on alternate days (or you can say odd days I swim, even days I jog, Sunday I eat a lot).  And I don’t know whether it’s the chlorine in the swimming pool in my gym or it’s the weather here in Erie, but my hair will just stiffen up in bundles making it hard to comb, or style.  I’ve never had that when I exercised a lot in Singapore.  I’ve tried blow drying, baby shampoo, gel (only makes it worse), a few different brands of conditioner, etc.  The only thing I haven’t tried is using vinegar or pure alkali from the chemistry lab to neutralize the pH level in my hair.  Maybe it’s not the bleach from the swimming pool.  Maybe it’s oil.  Then maybe I’ll need emulsifier instead.

And then, how come my 3 year-old daughter has never had a single bad hair day?  No matter how I snipped her hair or what condition she woke up, she always looks cute, adorable and ready for the public.

Hmmm…mystery..yet to be explored.  Here’s another dessert (Gin Jio Kue 香焦糕) I’ll like to share with reader.bananacake2


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