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Pittsburgh University is awful

April 13, 2008

 Never know I will ever say this but Pittsburgh University is awful.  I was there yesterday for an MAA conference.  The meetings, breakfast/dinner/talks were held in three different place in University of Pittsburgh and they’re so far apart it takes more than fifteen minutes to go from point A to point B.  To make things worse, there were constructions in between those buildings which makes detour even more confusing.  It’s not like these are the only 3 buildings.  I actually went inside 5 or more huge buildings like those to finally get to Scaife Hall because the buildings were not probably labeled!  And PU literally has hundreds of these humongous giant buildings.

I stayed in Pittsburgh for a year in 1998 and I know exactly where the Math dept is.  So the first thing I do when I arrive in Pittsburgh at 4:30PM was to walk to the Math Dept.  The Dept is on the 7th floor of Thackery Hall and it took me a while to walk there from Wnydham Hotel to Thackery Hall.  The lift is hard to find and even after you arrive on the 7th floor, it’s still hard to tell where the Dept is.

Nobody was there and I have to go to Scaife Hall to register, said the program on the wall.  So, in the rain, with heavy jacket and an umbrella, I went searching for Scaife.  An hour and a half later, after numerous asking-for-directions, I was pointed to go along the hall by the security to go to the auditorium.  Outside the auditorium, where the Registration is supposed to be, were a bunch of Undergrads whom I thought was the place to register.  But they looked puzzled at me and finally one guy picked up a dirty program from the floor and told me the registration was already closed and according to the program, everyone is on the eleventh floor having H‘orderve.

It took me 10 mins or more to walk to the lift on the other side of the building and take the elevator up to the 11th floor.  When I reached the 11th floor, there was no sign of where the meeting is.  I walked around and finally come to this huge caffeteria and still see no sign of MAA people.  On the other side of the lift, was another cafeteria that apparently is for staff.  I almost gave up, I almost search the entire eleventh floor until….I met what looked like another MAA attendee.  He pointed me to this smal path which lead to the banquet.  That was the dinner, I was late, everyone was about to pack and walk over to Benedum Hall (another building somewhere in the University that is under construction/repair).

Long story short, the next morning, I was again running between Thackery and Scaife Hall to register and to have breakfast.  Didn’t have a chance to taste the breakfast and had to wait 10 mins for the registration to open because of some delay.  I was furious and my blood was almost boiling.  If not for the fact that I was scheduled to talk, I would probably walk away and go have some fun somewhere else in Pittsburgh.

After finally registered, and paid, I go back to my hotel, had breakfast and some exercise in the hotel gym, then ran over to the talk place gave my talk in a flash and left the conference to have good Penang food and had lots of fun in The Strip District of Pittsburgh instead.


This blog at spaces [dot] live [dot] com by some 24 year-old lady apparently from Sichuan is some blog that is beyond my comprehension.  I am very nosy, usually I’ll google some nostalgic phrases and start reading the first blog that comes along.  This time I type in “春有百花秋有月,夏有凉风冬有雪,若无闲事挂心头,便是人间好时节” because some Zen master from Pulau Ubin once wrote me a calligraphy as a gift and those are the words he wrote.  If someone has the time to read her blog and give me a summary of what her snow ball throwing blog is all about, I’m willing to go back and re-read what exactly is this mystery chinese writing about.


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  1. Joshua permalink

    Awful MAA meeting had anything to do with the entire Pitt? Awful meeting is just designed for awful people, I guess.

    • Thank you. I guess for being an awful person, I also lost my link to your Pitt file. I will remember to be nice in all my blog. Being rash can hurt me many years down the road.

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