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Fried Rice In a Bento

April 16, 2008


My wife prepares this nice looking lunch for our daughter because we need to entice her to eat more vegetables.  So you can see every vegetable from carrots to cucumber are cut into five-sided star shape or six sided flower petal shape.


Even the agar-agar and fruits were decorated to look like something out of the food magazine.







I have nothing against it but it makes my own lunch looks really plain.  The fried rice with red pepper and cabbage is good enough to eat the container it’s in reminds me of my days as a poor graduate student.  I eat out of that box every afternoon bring my own cooking which is usually left-over (for many days) fried rice.  No time to cook as a graduate student and no money to buy from even the cafeteria here.



Then on the same day, I brought the family old 3.2 Mega Pixel camera to school to take a photo of my schedule in the MAA meeting with the Chinese calligraphy which is in my office.  Then I brought it around other buildings because my Linux computer will not upload the phots from the SD card.  And when we went home, I couldn’t find the camera.  Thought it was lost this morning.  I lloked for it high and low.  Then reported to the campus police.  Went to three different lost-and-found to see if I can retrieve it.  By afternoon, I came back home and tell my wife I was sorry I lost it and after a week, if we don’t find it, I’ll buy another one from (so that she can give it to her sister).  I continue to look for it at home.  Then fortunately, I found it in her school bag.


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