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Final Exam Week

April 28, 2008

Next week is final exam week.  That will mean more time to write this blog and other blogs.  The two-hour exam proctoring will be used for grading, if that’s not the first exam, or browsing the net, or instant Messaging…, or blogging.

It also means the long trip home to Asia is drawing near. 


We bought among other things, three new luggages, lots of "nitippan" or what the Japanese called "Omiyage".  And while I worried about whether we will have enough money for this trip, you know, mantaining the house in ERIE and travelling to spend in Singapore /Indonesia, I found to my surprise that the government "Economic Stimulus Package" has arrived in my bank account!  Yes!  That means we’re amongst the below average in US to receive the maximum amount in our package.  The state government also pay a bill about stimulus package but it’s only for small businesses and for the poor.  Let’s hope there’s a 2nd "Economic Stimulus Package". ( 收珠待兔?)  At this point, I don’t care if it’s from George Bush, or Barrack Obama, or Hillary Clinton, or even John McCain.  From Singapore, the ERS is only S$66.20.  Sigh.

Here’s a stranger thing.  Even in these econmic bad times, we still think about donation and contributions.  And I constantly consider giving my time instead of money.  Like volunteering in the soup kitchen, or helping in house cleaning for old folks in Independent Living, or churches, etc.  Too bad there isn’t any Buddhist temple around here.  I’ll gladly give my time to the buddhist organization.


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