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Allergic conjunctivitis

April 30, 2008
What?  What’s that?  
For most of you who are doctors or soon-to-be doctors, you’ll know how to read words with "..tis", like appendicitis, bronchitis, etc.  It simply means "the infection of …".  So Spring semester in ERIE is mainly snow and cold and only in the last few weeks of classes do we really enjoy spring.  you could tell becasue even at zero to ten degree Celsius, as long as there is a little sun, you’ll see students scantilly clad and laying on any grass patch they can find to enjoy the sun.  But it’s also allergy season for a person like me.  I have to look at to see how high is the "tree pollen".  Trees will be budding and  even in America, it’s not surprising to see Sakura or Lilac.  But these trees also spurt out tiny tree pollen in hugh among enough to make a person like me seek for an allergen-free (usually enclosed) space.  My eyes will itch so bad and my sneezing will come suddenly and unexpectedly and in short, I’ll not be able to function as per normal.

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