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Five Random Things and My Thoughts

May 14, 2008

Today is probably the last day I enjoy an entire day in Erie.  Tomorrow I fly for Singapore.  The following things happened and here are my thoughts

  1. Hillary Clinton won the West Virginia primary.  This should give her a false hope that she can beat Obama to the race.
  2. Robert met me in the gym and the first thing he said was "I jumped out of an airplane yesterday."  Robert works as a janitor in the Mall Library but he’s a boxing and Eastern Martial Arts Enthusiast.  I mean, he’s so fit, you can hardly find an ounce of fat on his body.  But he’s suddenly into parachuting?
  3. Some people (Venkataraman (PhD) and Harter for example) actually wrote a whole scientific thesis complete with mathematical calculation about the long argument between men and women here about whether to keep the toilet seat up or down.   I actually took time to read Anand Venkataraman thinking maybe he was someone I knew in Rochester.  Turns out, he’s not the one I knew but I don’t like his Scheme 1 or Scheme 2 nor Scheme 3.  I prefer my own Scheme 4, i.e. leave even the cover down.  It may be totally inefficient but it’s good Feng Shui and either the man or the woman can be blame for not covering after use.
  4. Volunteered teaching some 8th grade girls about Euler-Characteristics and Platonic Solids in Math Option turns out, one of them could not even count.  Now I seriously doubt the public school here.  Eighth grade and you still count a 12-sided dodecahedron wrong after many trials?  She even said the cube has four faces but that she corrected herself.
  5. A van carrying 7 passenger crashed on highway interstate 90 and everyone except the front passenger died.  He was just going from ramp to the highway and lost control.  Police investigated and claim the vehicle was too heavy causing driver to over-steer correct a slight imbalance while on I-90.  Many peole were discussing it two days ago in the gym because the accident was so near to the Pennbriar Gym.

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