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Jogging in Fort Canning Park

May 26, 2008

There’s nothing nicer than jogging at 4AM in the morning while having your jet-lag.  I used to run along Singapore River and on weekends, I’ll see drunkard lying all over Clarke Quay Bridge.  Some men are there to hit on other drunkard scantily-clad women.

Last morning, I’ve decided to cross River Valley Road to Fort Canning Park.  From Clarke Quay, I saw what looks like a bus-stop.


On closer look the very next day, it’s actually not for buses.


But even at 4:00AM, the line of taxi goes all the way to New Bridge Road.  That’s almost 40 taxis in a row.


So I crossed over and had a nice uphill climb to Fort Canning Park.


It sure is different from those days in 1989 when I went there to study or re-read my NUS Math notes.


After what seemed like 25 mins of running and panting, I found in the dark, what looks like turtle shells.  It was near to the Parking Lots near River Valley Road.  The ground was flat enough and so I practiced my 24-form Ynag style Tai-Chi.  Near the second round of the twenty four-form, I heard some giggling.  It was a couple lying downt on on the grass about 20 metres away from me.  The woman suddenly moan in ecstasy very loudly — a signal to embarrass me so I will step away and give them their privacy.  Fifteen years ago, I would have walked near to them, put on a big grin and ask "Hey lady, that must’ve been great, but you should’ve made that louder because some people in NOVOTEL Hotel cannot hear it."    Or something to that aspect in Hokkien or Singlish.  But now, I simply walked away and made them think I was embarrassed.


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