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Manda is sick

June 22, 2008


My daughter (the one with double eye-lid) is sick.  On the first day, she looked like she was pretending.  She didn’t want to eat her usual breakfast, she didn’t want to walk on her own and requested to be carried.  Her mother scolded her and forced her to gobble up her breakfast.  All the while she was clingy and appeared to be sick but we did not buy her pretension.  Until…she threw up all over the car.  Then we started to take her seriously.

After throwing up, she appeared to be well again, so we thought it’s probably a one-time thing and went on with our other visits (Aunt Linda, Aunt Mia and lunch at Cafe Bali) as if she was well.  She puked again before we set out in Aunt Linda’s car.  And under the hot sun, while searching for Aunt Mia’s place, she slept, then she threw up again in Mia’s place.  After 5/6 pukes, we took her very seriously and went to see a doctor.  It was in a private residence and the  doctor came out in his pajamas to see Manda.  He gave anti-puking drops and reminded us not to dehydrate her.  Then there’s that list of things that she can/cannot eat.  That afternoon, we continue our happy hours in Cafe Bali even though she continued to puke.  Then when we were home, we realize the medicine doesn’t work. That night, we rushed to the ER and had her re-evaluated by Dr. Danny Widjaya.  He said it’s very likely it’s just a viral infection and gave another anti-throwup medicine. I was relief because whenever it’s just virus, she usually got over it in a day.   That night, I was with her on the floor mattress.  I woke up every time she tossed and turned and groaned.  It must have been at least ten times.  But she only threw up once.

The next morning, she appeared weak and we stayed in the apartment the whole day.  Even after she sleeping twice in the day, she still appeared completely weak.  Yet the next day, she appeared to be slightly better but again refused to walk or eat.  We thought she’s pretending again and so we encouraged her by asking all the cousins to go to Be-Mall in Bandung with her.  Again, she frequently head for a couch in the Food Courtto rest.  Then she threw up again.  More than two days of pain she went though, I’m beginning to feel sorry for her and feeling every instant of her pain.  We went to ER again and this time, with fecal analysis, they discovered yeast in her body and unusual amount of white blood cells.  We like this Hospital (SANTOSA) with this ER.  It is big and new.  This time, she was given antibiotics.  Children and medicine don’t go together.  There’s usually a lot of pain feeding them medicine.  But if we go soft and let them go, they will not be well. 

Long story short, Manda, threw up again in the car four days later, after eating oily stuff in Pizza Hut.

It’s easy to become parents biologically (look at the numerous irresponsible pregnancies), but it’s not easy being a good understanding parent.  We constantly feel the pain but has to make hard decisions to go against their wishes.  And when they’re sick, we wish it was us who were sick.  I was told I was sick frequently when I was small because I was never breast-fed.  My mother left me when I was born.  I wonder who felt my pain every time I went sick.  My granny probably was the one, but I suspect some other people felt it too.  Or maybe not.


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  1. Vicky permalink

    Why can\’t you just describe her as the one in blue instead of the one with double eyelid? This is one Chinese obsession I cannot understand.
    I hope she is well now. Can\’t believe you fed her Pizza hut even though she is unwell. Poor kid

  2. Colin permalink

    I hope Amanda is feeling better soon, Tetuko misses her terribly, he is always saying kaka manda? He knows what its like to be sick over on that side of the world as well so we all hope  she is feeling fine soon, I know how hard it is to make the right decisions conserning our kids and we can only just do the best that we can right?  See you soon and Travel safly!

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