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Mycoplasma pneumoniae

August 18, 2008

That is the bacterial responsible for causing a certain type of community-acquired pneumonia.  For a while, I was so sure I got this pneumonia.  From 14th of July (and I remember this day because Lenawati visited us in Singapore) I started my cold (or flu) with a severe chill and fever and eventually it went into a severe stage of coughing.  Having history of bronchitis, this coughing is not giving me any easy time.  By August 9th, I was still coughing and even though the cough was not that of a dry cough, I was so sure I got this M pneumonia. 

"Let me do all my blood test and sputum (culture) test /X-ray in the States.  After all, I won’t have time to complete my treatment and taking medicine while having to travel more than 24 hours on the plane is really difficult and coupled with jetlag, I may not be taking the medicine correctly."

So a month long of coughing and feeling sick in hot humid weather, I came back to Erie feeling terrible especially during the jet lag (about 7 days).  On the first week after I arrived in Erie, I see my own Primary Care Physician (PCP) and took X-ray and extract my phlegm (culture) for test.  I was willing to bet it’s some kind of pneumonia if not M. Pneumonia.

Today, the test came out.  It’s NOT pneumonia.  It’s nothing.  Nobody knows why I cough so long and so badly.  I was even afraid of going to exercise for fear of making my cough worse.  So what is it that makes me cough?  I think it’s just another seasonal allergy.  But this I’ll find out from my PCP.


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  1. Vicky permalink

    The Chinese has a name for this, 100 day cough. Your hundred day is not up yet! Keep coughing.

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