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Moon Cake Festival

September 16, 2008

This romantic, beautiful full moon day passed without me knowing.  For a moment, I thought it’s not coming until this week.  And that’s because Erie Chinese Association is having its Moon Festival potluck this Sunday Sep 21th, 2008.  For that, I thought it must be this week.  Never knew the association will wait this long to celebrate 中秋, the Lantern Festival.  Maybe they want cheap moon cake.  Smart move.   Then I got a parcel in the mail.  I knew my borther would send me a 4GB SanDisk but I never expect a 荣華月餅 to come with that!  No, I don’t believe in the "Law of Attraction", don’t need expensive Champange Truffles Mooncake.  The thoughts of Jimmy and tiny, little melon seeds (瓜子) in moon cake is enough to make my day.

My family celebrate this day in Singapore by praying to ancestors.  Nothing poetic, nothing beautiful, not even a cup of good Chinese tea.  See, my grandpa and grandma were illiterate (my grandpa knew only enough to read the papers) and I don’t think he ever read a poem.  And the new generation is English educated or never appreciate the chinese poems.  So moon cake is the only sign of Zhong Qiu Jie (中秋节).

I like to read a few chinese books every now and then whilst in the U.S.  And my favourite Mid-Autumn Festival poems are :

a)  虞美人 by Li Yi (too lazy to type chinese, so downloaded GIF file)



b)  and by Su Dong Puo,  (another GIF file from china[dot]org)



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