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Publish or Perish

September 17, 2008
Although I am a faculty member in this Math Dept., publishing is not a requirement.  Many lesser universities also did not demand for at least a paper a year but some publishing or scholarly work is assumed from the member.

Yesterday, I received a note that another of my work will be published.  Parts of the first page looks like this:

And don’t ask me where Sarajevo is, I don’t know.  Yes, it’s kind of surreal, it’s like winning a lottery from Timbaktu.  My Math teacher Mr. Wan Fook Weng liked to give his moral judgement/ comment on us kids when we were in ACJC for 40 minutes of the class and spent only 10 mins lecturing Mathematics.  And he liked to say "Timbaktu".  I still don’t know where that place is but Mr. Wan (who later became the principal for a while) is a great Math teacher!

How long does it take to publish in a Mathematics journal?  To give you a glimpse to the answer, mine I used an unscrupulous method (and I won’t go into that) and it’s considered quite fast, but look at the last page:

Yeah, that’s right, it was sent on 14 June 2007 and I am hoping it might be published next month!  So if you think it takes quite long to have an article in XYZ Magazine, think again, I probably spend more time grossing over 10 pages of this mathematics (which I completely forgot how to do it now) than you would (from start to end) wait to publish your article in XYZ Magazine (unless, of course, your XYZ is a Mathematics magazine)


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