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Party or Study?

September 18, 2008
That’s the decision every student in Singapore makes every now and then.  Singaporeans live with a heavy sense of guilt almost all their live.  I admit I was a victim of it even though I was considered a party animal back then.  Even Kiasu-ism is an evidence of that.  "Eh, Beng, come and play lah, don’t be so kiasu leh, tonight is Friday night …"
But from the parents to the teacher to the government, nobody dares to say otherwise.  Think about all the decision you make as a Singaporean, you may be bold enough to choose play instead of study, but how many friends will be with you on this one?  Or how many parents of your friends agree?  An interesting research done by Comlumbia University (Far-Sightedness) indicates that excessively kiasu is not beneficial to ones happiness (click on "Far-sightedness"). 
And this carry into their adult’s life.  There are thousands and thousands of stories to back me up (Just read bloggers like Mr. Brown).  But aer they really doing the right thing?  Most of all did all these attitude really bring in more dough?  I beliee even if we were given 30-50% more leaves and cancel 30% of the study time and had fun, our economy will still stay the same and our people will still be as productive except they’re happier.
Many years ago, when I taught briefly in "Hwa Chong Junior College", my message in the beginning of the class was "Remember to relax and have lots of fun with this"!  I brought the class to kick a ball when it was supposed to be doing problems in the ten-year series.  The principal didn’t like it.  But at the end of that semester, one geeky student came to me and said "Sir, I’ve learn more in these two weeks than I’ve learnt in the entire year!"  And I was teaching Add Math.  And HJC was temporarily in Bukit Gombak.  That was 1989, there was no video camera phone to capture that moment, but if you’re that student reading this blog, please reply me or comment on this blog.

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  1. Vicky permalink

    I\’m not a student. But I\’ve never remembered you as a party animal at NUS. I remembered I was at every jam and hop, but where were you?

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