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The election, yes, Obama and McCain and not forgeting Palin

October 8, 2008
Here in the US, everyday, I’m flooded with news, poll results, debate analysis and what not of the election 2008.  But I’m not going into any of those discussion here in this blog.  But months ago, when I was in Singapore, I met this egoistic middle age guy who said

"We’re flooded with those things too here in Singapore, you just need to know where to look…"

"Hello?" (That’s what I said in my heart) "If it’s flooded, then you don’t need to look."  He reminded me of Dan Quayle or George Bush in every line of his argument.  But with people who are too ego-centric or condescending, I tend to looked away and change the topic so he/she does not get too temperamental or worked-up.  As far as I’m concerned, my discussion (or even argument) is not meant to be a competition, more an intellectual thing.

I’m a great supporter of O_ama and my joy-level went up every time the gap between Obama and McCain increases in Gallup but I’m trying to shut my ears off these discussion until maybe around November 4th.  But hard as I try, even as I click on "Entertainment" in all the major network, I still see "Sarah Palin".  She’s been made into an object of laughter and my two-cent analysis thinks she’s ten times worse than the worst VP Dan Quayle.

Here’s another take…do you notice some similarities between Osama Bin Laden and Obama-Biden?  Ha, ha, there were lots of co-incidence like this and some idiots even created "Numerology" to convince people how 9-11 was predicted and how William Gates III is connected with Satan’s 666.  To me, Numerology is neither a sicence and please don’t call it Mathematics.

Canada has election right around the same time as the US but even Canadians think the elction news in the US is always more exciting and sensational.  And the world watches this superpower’s election every year.  Ever wonder what it would be if the world could vote for US election?  Go to !

I should be concentrating on Poincare Conjecture now, not Osama or Obama or even Live Windows….till next time…


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