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Turn Back the Clock

November 2, 2008

The same Congress that passes the bill to use 700 billion US dollars bailout for the financial crisis also passed the bill to turn back the clock in November instead of the usual end of October.  One of their reasons?  "Hey, let the kids who treat-and-trick (trick-or-treat) on October 31st have more sunlight between 6PM and 8PM!"

Scientists all over the country already agreed that this Daylight Saving Hours is not "saving" any fuel or any resources and brings convenience to no one.  But the Congress still spent time to adjust it by 4 weeks (3 weeks in Spring time and 1 week in the Falls) instead of removing it altogether.  You could read the cloudy ideas behind this here or hear me below:


Some pseudo scientist came up with the idea that if we collectively think it’s six o’clock instead of five o’clock around this time of the year than we can all save a lot of candles because  we would all be having dinner earlier (before sunset) and thus not burn candles for dinner.  The western part of the world caught on with that silly idea and so they all thought they saved a lot of energy by adjusting the clock semi-annually. 

So most of Europe, Russia, Australia and both Canada and America do this clock adjustment twice a year.  The North American Continent even has a jingle "Spring Forward … Fall Back".

Now this idea of adjusting clock to save energy probably worked when we were all burning candles.  But who is still burning candle in the 21st century?  And does the shopping mall or offices turn off their lights during working hours?  It works really well (with candles) if the region has four seasons when you’re not too near the North or South Poles.  For instance, Alaska does not find it amusing to Spring Forward because most of Alaska is having 20 hours night time by around November.  And Hawaii hardly see any daylight hours difference between Spring and Fall (Autumn).  So adjusting the clocks is merely nuisances and there’re actually more confusion and car accidents until all adjust their mind to it.

China tried it but had more confusion than benefit and totally abolished the idea (and China has only one time zone anyway).  Now it may seem to the West that China is not civilized enough to learn this habit but even the Japanese never bother talking about it.  And so these "not so civilized" eastern part of the world is benefiting by staying away from this mess.  Maybe the west has something to learn from the east in this aspect.  Stop this insanity and don’t call it a "clever act".


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