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Thanksgiving Holidays

November 27, 2008

Any Singaporean would exchange his life with mine right now.  I’m having lots of snow, an experience with Thanksgiving and lots of turkey if I want!  Most Americans will exhange their lives with mine right now, I have last Friday till coming Sunday off, they usually only have Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.

     When you have all the Thanksgivingy turkey, waist high snow and Macy’s parade since 1991 like me, you are entitled to turn it down, complain and sit back to do everything opposite.   I stopped going to any American Thanksgiving dinner because it’s nothing but the 4 F’s (Food, Family, Football and then more Food).  American mothers will wake up early in the morning, sometimes even start at midnight before Thanksgiving Day to start cooking their turkeys.  There’re nothing good about turkeys.  They’re very big, very unhealthy and very filling.  After a small plate, it leaves me with no room to eat anything else.  But typical Americans will eat from morning to evening, chips, turkey, cranberry, apple /pumpkin pies etc.  They ate so much, the average weight gain in these 4 days alone is FIVE pounds.  Yes, more than 2 kilograms.  Average.  That is, counting every American into the statistics.  That means, some over-weight ones gain up to 10 pounds from Thursday to Sunday.  If the average Singaporean gain 1 kg, PM LHL will make it a point to mention that as a problem in National Day Rally side by side with the low birthrate and low percentage of married graduate women.

A typical American will exchange with my life because they usually only have Thursday and Friday off.  Then most who work on Saturday have to go back to work and they will fight to take leave on Saturday or the following Monday.  I will have about ten days off.  And I don’t even have to do the shopping like most Americans do.  No horrible traffic to squeeze into.  No standing in long lines in the cold first thing in the morning on Black Friday.  No elbowing with other customers when the gate first open.  Nowadays there are less of that because some shops open on midnight of Thanksgiving Thursday and internet shopping has led to the invention of Cyber Monday.


So what do I do this long T holidays?  I grade test paper slowly.  I also spend some time reading students project.  One student gave me this for his optimization project, (see picture below), isn’t it lovely?:


It’s an open fish tank whose volume is fixed at 2 cubic metres and one has to find the least surface area.  It’s neat he added fish and plants in his fish tank.

 Then there’s this bonus problem which I realize even I could not solve it.  Which quadratic function, g(x), will make the pink area always equal to the yellow area regardless of which positive x I chose?  (see graph below)


So if you’re a Singaporean like me, don’t believe what you see on TV, Thanksgiving turkey are horrible.  Trust me, you’ll rather have a S$2.50 Hainanese chicken rice.  And snow isn’t all the fun, if you want to experience waist high snow, come to my house and help me shovel!


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One Comment
  1. Vicky permalink

    Aiyo, typical Singaporean, complain about everything. Be grateful you have turkey when others are starving, be grateful for the snowy winter when we have to forked out thousands of $$ to Korea to experience, and lastly, be grateful cos I can\’t solve the maths problem too, or too lazy to think.

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