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Propose to Eve”lyn” on Xmas Eve

December 23, 2008
It’s Christmas time (I looked out of my window to see my neighbour’s house) and I know i should be thinking…

Hello Neighbour (fish-eye view)!

Snow? Shoveling?

So I went out in my heavy boots, gloves and special hat good enough for Siberia and this girl came running with a pot.. 

And then she went…

In Your Face!!!

In your face!
Then she ran to the back yeard and lay down and did a butterfly? 

The result was what they called a snow angel.

Within half an hour I finished shoveling my four-car-length driveway and that little girl was too cold and went in to thaw.
I spent another fifteen minutes or so clearing up the edges and my mind was occupied with what I just learnt from facebook…
Yan and Johnny
that this Asian American boy on the right is proposing to his fiance by buying her a computer and delivering it all the way personally from the States to Singapore!  And he spent weeks drawing and creating a romantic powerpoint and plant it in the computer so when she opened it up, she can see the animated proposal.  I was so excited, I think I’m more excited to see the powerpoint than the bride-to-be.  (no, no , no, the girl in his right arm is not his fiance, she’s a HongKonger student, and I joke she looks old enough to be his mother…ha ha)

It’s the Korean-looking girl below (notice the bling, bling? no, no, not the Kitty-Kat on the link, that one is an actual Korean student, Choi, and students often confused the two when in Penn State Erie)….

J*hnny is proposing to this girl!  (She’s both American and Singaporean but she lost her Singaporean citizenship.)  And like the rest of the crowd who responded, I was thinking "How sweet!  天生一对!"

Then all through the remaining part of shoveling I was think "O, how sweet!  This is the greatest thing ever happened".  Actually a friend’s brother also just ROMed (I know ROD but when did ROM becomes a verb?)  This must be the year of the Dragon!  The most popular year to get married!

Then I thought about how I proposed.  It must be 1996 or 1997.   I’m sure I did not fork out the "Eh, 要不要,我们俩一起apply HDB flat 好不好?" because I have not bought any HDB flat yet.

Look at the 钻石 (hokkien suan jio) again…wah lao…si bei chio man!
suan jio

At first I thought this was done in Japan, especially when the photo below was posted by her brother Neil (on facebook) on Dec 20, 2008:
ying in Japan


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