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Wah! So big ah!

January 5, 2009
"Wah!", that’s the first thing I said after dropping my jaw at the sight of the living room in this Crowne Plaza Hotel suite bedroom.

"With sofa so comfortable, I volunteer to 睡客厅 (sleep living room) man!"

This place is so big, it brings out the suaku-ness (山龟?) in me!  This hotel room is so BIG, I never knew it’s even possible to have a room this big inside a hotel.  "Where got place to build room more than a bedroom size in the hotel, right?"  And then the TV…flat-one leh!

Plus lots of huge drawers to keep my barang-barang.  I think even our shoes and sports shoes all can fit in also.  And yes, I just visited the Gym (they call it Health Center), wah!  lagi big, man!  It’s like the size of four of my suites!  One for universal weights, one for threadmill and elliptical, one for meditation and yoga and one situated right in the middle they put water and towels and a bathroom and some high class recliners for relaxing.  Wah lao-eh, when I was there at 10PM, nobody was there and it even has TV showing the R(A) rated show err.  I think it was a show on showgirl in Vegas or something.  Wah, see already hor, keep 流口水 (drooling) , no more 心情  to exercise already man!  So I have to quickly turn off.

Look, look, look, even got kitchen some more-er!

Complete with microwave, coffee machine that hor make coffee straight to the mug one, so no need to pour-pour from carafe to cup so leche.  Then some more got fridge.  Like that, we can save money buy fresh food and cook in microwave, wah lao, no need to eat in expensive restaurant!  But then the very first night, we still eat in this place called Gui Lin Restaurant.  Very strange thing, the chinese name is called 恒隆达 and it’s situated in Darnestown Road, not very far from our Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Too bad the 韭菜鸭肉丝 was so good, we forgot to take photo.  And then the first table right next to us were seated two Singaporean ladies, one of them discussing unabashedly how once she was secretly in love with this guy.  Aiyohh, 听了真挡buey tiao!  Lucky our food came after they left, if not er, jia buey lo (吃不落) man!I think they never thought I as Singaporean, so they use Singish, people around cannot understand.

And see the art on the wall in the next picture?

It’s just square and square and square and square.  Different colours and a little blur, blur like that.  Like this also call art ah?

My daughter like this place so much, she wanted to live here.  I think it’s because they keep this place really warm.  When we arrive, I think the thermometer read 74°F (23 °C).  This one is only one hundred and ten dollars one night.  Of course my boss will pay lah!  Mua where got money to stay in this kind of place, even though it’s still cheaper than any lousy Singaporean hotel err.

Okay lah, she can live here, we’ll just go back and live in that 58 °F (14 °C) house in Erie.  It’s so cold, everytime she finish taking a bath, she has to run straight to the face the ceramic heater!  Bo pian (无便?), heating the house is very expensive…


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