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S’pore MRT vs D.C. Metro

January 9, 2009

Impression of D.C. this trip is filled with the bus/subway system.  Light in a tunnel?

No lah, this one is the escalator at Woodley St-Zoo Metro station (4:30PM but already dark).  It’s so high, one gets acrophobia just looking down.  Something like errr.. four or five storey high.  But the escalator is not fast like those of SMRT.  Another brighter picture I took at 8AM.

Only 8:05AM, I still have time.  Let me check out Dupont Circle and then use my unlimited bus pass to get back to Woodley-Zoo.  I get to use my almost wasted $11 unlimited bus pass, but then I ended up spending US$5 on Krispy Kreme donuts.  The cashier at the Krispy Kreme donut was nice to tell me where the bus stop for L2 is and I found it …

It was behind another colossal building which is in front of another gigantic block of cement. (or should I say glass?)

Everything is kind of like Singapore.  The subway during the rush hour was similar.  The concrete jungle is not as tall but feels and smell like Singapore.  Except the bus.  During rush hour, the bus is empty.  Yes, I said empty.  Don’t believe, see the picture I took on the bus with my MacBook Photo Booth. 

(that was my winter jacket on the lower corner of photo) It’s so empty, I have space for my laptop to type this blog!  Ah!  let me try some of the Krispy Kreme while I’m typing.  Mmmh,  wouldn’t it be nice if Singapore Bus were like this too?  (And Singapore has Krispy Kreme too?). People even have time to greet and chat with the driver!  Can SMRT actually solve the crowd problem so that at 4PM it kind of look like this…

Otherwise, the standard of living will drop each time the crowdedness goes up by even 1%.  How can we ever reach the standard of living like that of Switzerland (something LKY yearned to achieve)?  "Cannot compare lah, your metro trip is so much more expensive.  Parking already US$5, another 35 minutes trip from Shady Grove to Dupont Circle another US$5, that’s S$15 already lear!"

I learnt something else while walking in downtown DC.  Streets going along north-south direction are numbered,11th, 12th, 13th etc.  Streets going East-West are lettered.  So there’re G Street, H Street, I Steeet, K Street, LStreet etc.  But there is no J Street. And I Street is also labelled as Eye street!  And those that are neither East-West nor North-South (diagonal?) will be given the names of the states of this country like New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island etc, etc.

I have to say that while there was not a drop of snow (while I was in DC from Jan 5th to Jan 9th), and is 10 degree Fahrenheit higher (like 5 deg Celsius), it is humid here and so the cold is not as comfortable.  Plus morning drivers worry about icy road more that Erieans.

 In a while, I quickly reached my workplace:

This is a ballroom of Marriott Hotel.  There’re almost a hundred different tables like this where we do our candidate interview for job in each of our university.  Mine as next to The King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) from Saudi Arabia.  My colleague kept teasing me if I want to go over and have an interview.


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