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9 degree Fahrenheit

January 16, 2009
The weather forecast says:

the highest temperature today is 9 degree Fahrenheit.  That’s negative 13 degree Celsius.

So this morning when I started my car to warm it up, the thermometer reads -3 degree Fahrenheit (that’s negative 20 degree Celsius).  And there seemed to be a little bit of wind chill and a constant snow coming down due to lake effect.  It doesn’t help that I also have a stomach flu (or was it just a stomach cold) and last night alone I went to the toilet about a dozen times (all diarrhea) and almost everything I ate came out!

This morning, I feel a little better but my diarrhea is still on.  I looked so thin, I must’ve lost five pound between Wednesday and Friday!

After my eight o’clock class, I quickly read the news and learned that five men were dead due to the cold.  I still have a class in REDC at 12:20PM which is 15-min (maybe 20-min with my sickness) walk from my office in the cold.  Maybe I’ll call in sick for that class.  But what about he quiz I prepared?  What about collecting of homework?

I called my doctor’s office but they were not opened yet due to the cold.  Almost every school is closed or delayed but a few hours but not my school.

I really look forward to next Thursday where the highest is a 32°F.  And in Celsius that’s a zero.  Yes, the freezing point of water!  At least it’s warmer and I hope no one will die between now and Thursday!


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