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January 24, 2009

First of all, 恭喜恭喜, 恭喜大家新年好!

This Chinese New Year, my daughter will be performing twice on stage for two Chinese New Year events.  The song that will be played in the background is "恭喜恭喜".  But the dance move is going to be that of 喜庆锣鼓 featured on (土豆), done by the mainland chinese for全国幼儿舞蹈大赛 and 噢运会(The Summer Olympics).

While I was searching for the lyrics for the song 恭喜恭喜
, I came upon this YouTube video featuring one white, one black and one Chinese American  singing that song!  As I read the lyrics, nostalgic feelings of CNY 滚滚而来 (literally: boiling, rolling then come).

每条大街小巷  每个人的嘴里
见面第一句话  就是恭喜恭喜

Is it really?  Is everyone that friendly.  Only relative maybe.  Only here do we greet strangers "Merry Christmas".


Well, there wasn’t any 冬天 so we didn’t have to wait for it to finish.  For NUS students, I remember, they were chopping seats even on 除夕夜晚(CNY eve) .  Now we have real winter, with lots of snow.  And CNY is hardly the time winter stops.   We generally have to wait until middle of March, and yet it’s hardly springlike weather.


Well, I’m not going to say 雪溶解 or 溶解.  The ony ones I see melting are the ice-cream in my daughter’s cup at home.  But do enjoy the music video of 恭喜恭喜.

And lastly,


困难?磨练?  Isn’t that just part of everyday life? But it’s always good to have the news of Spring, something to look forward to.  Otherwise, slaving through every day is not exactly a pursue of "Happiness", is it?

Oh, guess what comes out when I switch to  ITABC keyboard and typed www?  the word was 勿忘我!

UPDATE:  See new blog above in Chinese on February 11.(contain me teaching my daughter this song!)


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