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Let it snow at the end of January

January 28, 2009

We people in Erie must be really lucky this year.  We’ve got recession like everybody else, but since Erie has a very low cost of living, the prices of real estate did not go down very much.

Also, this year, we hit the 10 snowiest year in history.  We get lots and lots of snow (see picture of radar today below):


We’re no longer in the teens (in Fahrenheit) and even though it’s not really warm, but NYC and Philly were in their lower thirties and are all facing super slippery road  which pretty much crippled them.  Area just north of Florida have nearly a million without power!

And even USA Today knew that we’re the snowiest, but this year we hit the record of top 10 snowiest winter in Erie.  That means we’re the snowiest of the snowiest?  Ha!

With that, I remember I should buy another shovel, the one that I had is completely worn out.  It scraped the floor so many times, it’s only 3/4 its size now. My shovel has seen better days.

It’s hard to tell from the photograph, but it is supposed to have a shiny metal  edge and that’s gone!

My next shovel will have a handle ergonomically shaped and look like this:

That way it will not hurt my back that much.  Or so I thought, it still depends on whether I know how to use it correctly.

What the heck, I’m tired of shoveling. I should go in because there’s freshly made dumpling waiting for me.



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