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It was ONE degree Fahrenheit again

February 5, 2009
This morning, I woke up and turned on the TV to know today’s weather before I head off to school.

WICU12 says "4 °F".  Wait, Isn’t it February already?  Why isn’t that single digit temperature (in Fahrenheit) going away? Gosh, we climbed from the 7th snowiest winter to the 4th snowiest winter.  And they say we ONLY need another 11 inches of snow to hit the top three!

I had better warm up my car slightly longer.  And wear my scarf!

Then when I finally drive off, the car thermometer said the outside is really 1 °F.

Minutes late, I arrived at my office, turned on my Apple Dashboard and this is what I saw:

Did I see a negative?  Did my office Apple computer made a mistake?  I check and Yahoo weather they all said the same thing.
Now, mathematically how do we convert that to Celsius?  subtract thirty-two…then multiply by five…then divide by nine….equal…

Now, a cousin is coming to visit us from Münster next week.  She’s Singaporean and has been staying in Germany for a while.  Can she take this?  I’ve better email her and give her some warning…

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