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Sick Sunny Day

February 17, 2009
I must have caught the flu bug last week, even though I spent the entire Sunday sleeping, I still feel sick on Tuesday (today).  I woke up a few times by the acute pressure in my ears and muscle aches all over the body.  My wife convinced me I should not go to school today.

But I woke up early anyway and did all the necessary emails to inform people I’m not coming to school.  I’m going to miss the seminar by the Taiwanese professor 王文利。

It’s not exactly a warm day but I was greeted by the nice morning sun.

You can see outside my house, most of the mountain-high snow has melted and it’s so sunny even the squirrels are up on top thawing:

I actually spotted the shadow of its spiky moving tail on the curtain when I was drawing the curtain to let in the sunlight.  It’s certainly nice to have those vitamin D.  We have been having either no sunlight or very short daylight.

And my daughter also woke up early this morning.  She didn’t seem to have signs of cold/flu.  We’ll see in a few more days.

Then I took photos of these two door notices of hers that she liked laughing over a lot.  It doesn’t take much to make a child laugh.

One is directly behind the other.


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