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Compare and Contrast

February 19, 2009
This title may be a little inappropriate and misleading.  One of the thing Singaporeans like to do is to compare.  As kids, your mom will compare you with the neighbour’s kids.  If you buy a racket for $10 and Ah Seng bought it for $5, you’re in for a lot of explaining.  If you get 97 on your Math test/spelling, and somebody has a hundred, be prepared for questioning almost that of a governor’s impeachment!

So, I’m going to compare weather and latitude.  Beijing’s latitude is about 40 °N, Munster (Germany) is about 52 °N and Erie, Pennsylvania is about 42 °N.  Yes, that means Münster (this is the correct way to write it) is about 10 degree norther than us!  And Singapore is about 1 degree and 27 minutes above the equator.

So which place is colder, right now on Feb 20?  if you answer Münster, please take a close look at the Yahoo weathr comparison below:

The word light snow is really a wrong forcast because Yahoo almost never take into consideration the Lake Effect we are having today.  So the Erie weather from Yahoo is probably that of Pittsburgh where there is practically no lake effect in that place.

Granted, it’s still the winter.  It’s not over until the equinox.  But why is 老北京 enjoying all the sunny spring-like weather?  老天,你到低有没有眼啊? (Heaven, do you have eyes?)  Alright, maybe I’m not being fair here.  If I throw in Minneapolis which is about 44°N, I’m sure it’s 7 to 10 degree colder than us.  Hee, heee!  Wink


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  1. Vicky permalink

    I love to compare and contrast, since I\’ve trained in school, esp in Eng Lit to compare and contrast characters. So now I compare my kids\’s marks in school, prices in stores, etc. But I never never ever compare weather.

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