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Southerly Wind brings the white stuff

March 2, 2009
Despite more than nine hours of sleep, I still wake up groggy this morning.  Yesterday I heard the news said it’s going to be really really cold for a few days.  I dragged my feet to the cold kitchen and saw the mercury level in the thermometer above my head falling below the 10 degree Fahrenheit mark.  But my eye level is not at that of the thermometer, there must be an error in the reading.  Maybe the graphics is better on the computer, somehow, I trust the computer more than my very old thermometer in the kitchen.

Print Screen

Yeah, it’s ten degrees alright.  And the highest today is at most 15.  That’s 17 less than the freezing point of water.  And we’re talking about the temperature in March!  But I’ve not very much to be angry about.  Really.  In fact I’m pleased that the southerly cold wind is bringing Washington D.C, Philadelphia and maybe later, Boston and Maine literally to their knees.  They will be pounded with up to 15 inches of snow.  Those places I just mentioned are normally warmer than ERIE and never had anything more than 2 inches of snow.  Hitherto, we’re already pounded with more than 130 inches of snow but, TODAY, today we’ll have no snow but they will have plenty!  Ha ha! Wink See the radar map below for yourself …

Doppler Radar Picture

The white is the heavy snow and the green is rain.  Even New York City will have its share of the white stuff too!  It looks like the snow completely avoided us but bringing the white disgusting stuff below us and then go north to northeast of New England, past Connecticut and Massachusetts.  My brother is in southern Vermont near to Massachusetts, I wonder if he has a little of this white disgusting snow?  And our cousin from Munster, Germany?  Would she be able to take that?


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