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Common English Error — Not Singlish

March 7, 2009
Singlish has been around since before my father was born, I think.  Somebody compile all of it and for some strange reasons, Aussies and NZies think it’s cute. Even the Australian Macquarie Dictionary legistimizes some of the Singlish words.  Expats in Singapore think Singlish is "muisc to the ears of linguits".   Despite the constant effort by the Singapore governement and Phua Chu Kang to eliminate and reduce the use of Singlish, it’s still prevalent and fun among Singaporeans to use it. 
But most people in Singapore who claimed they know how to speak proper English (myself included and I pleaded guilty) continue to make certain errors like the ones I’m going to point out below.  If you want to know the answers, then unabashedly click on the Singlish "Where got wrong?" and the answers will be explained in a separate webpage maintained outside Live Spaces of Windows.
1)  "Albert, you better hurry up, Irene is waiting for you at City Hall MRT station!"  (Got wrong meh?)
2)  "You got red pen to lend me?"  (Where got wrong?)
3)  "It’s past 3 o’clock and you still haven’t eat your lunch?"  (Got wrong meh?)
4)  "My mother and me went to the market this morning."   (Where got wrong?)
5)  "He gather enough courage on our behalf to ask the teacher can we go home."   (Got wrong meh?)
6)  "Today we discuss about the effect of flouride in running water on our dental Health."    (Where got wrong?)
7)  "I rather prefer the red jacket."    (Got wrong meh?)
8)  "I rather be a sparrow than a snail."    (Where got wrong?)
9)  "He doesn’t mind you smoking.  Me too."    (Got wrong meh?)
10)  "Can you do this for me?"  "Can."    (Where got wrong?)


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