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Weather in ERIE

April 1, 2009
I absolutely, definitely have to blog on today’s weather.


You’ll see why.

"Lihat Kebunku!"


"Look at our garden!"

Isn’t that some kind of vegetable?

"No, it’s a plant from last year!"


"Hey look at our trees!"

I don’t see anything.  What is it about our trees?

"No, these little things at the ends. They’re budding!"

There is a very tiny green at the end of each twig.

I’ve to admit, they’re quite something to watch.  They give us a sense of … err.


Yes, spring.

Does it mean we have to keep our boots?

These things are very comfortable to wear, I have to admit.  They’re more comfortable than my sneakers.

And these too?

These scarves and thick gloves, I don’t miss them a single bit.  But this winter coat, I kinda like it.  Not because it is Nike.  It’s almost like my second skin having to wear them for more than six months!

Where should they hibernate in the house?  Which corner?  Oh well, it’s about time I consider changing my snow tires for normal all-season ones.  Adios winter!  Sayonara Fuyu!  Sampai ketemu "Musim Dingin"!  Ming Nian Jian "dong tian"!

Even our neighbour’s dog likes it…


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