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Whatever It Takes

April 24, 2009
When I was young, nothing (literally nothing) stops me from getting what I spiritually wants.  Now that’s the kind of oomp that is rare to see and certainly not very often do I see that in my spouse.

But on one fine Spring cleaning day, I witness something that stunted me.  It is a Thursday and it is a thrash day for my side of the city.  But this four weeks, the Waste management will pick up something big like a furniture or big piece of thrash that one usually has after spring cleaning.  Every one in the neighbourhood would leave big things next to the thrash on their driveway near the road.  And frequently one finds "scavengers" who drive around in their trucks picking up other people’s thrash.  They say, "One man’s thrash is another man’s treasure."  (not…meat…poison).

So I volunteered to drive my family back to my school where there was a beautiful unexplored "park".  About 400 metres from our house, my wife spotted a table.  It kind of look like…

"But it’s so big and heavy, how are we going to …"

Before I knew it, after we came back from the ‘park’ and groceries, even before we put the groceries away, armed with garden gloves, we were hand carrying this 30 pound picnic table with our daughter walking beside us.  In this country, you cannot leave your toddler at home, not even for 10 or 20 minutes which she and I go fetch that heavy, dirty, old picnic table.  Dozens of people who saw us carrying that table must have laughed at how silly we were.

I was glad because I haven’t done anything silly for a long, long time.  But more because I like the spirit shown in a person who care not whatever it takes to get what they want (of course assuming nobody is hurt or destroyed).  And for the record, we did this not because we cannot afford a picnic table.  In fact we have a bigger and more stable folding table in the garage.  I did this because someone loves the textture of this old unusual table.  I don’t really mind all the energy and trouble…not as long as I continue to get my….


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One Comment
  1. Vicky permalink

    It\’s a lovely table. My hubby would not allow me to pick someone\’s else\’s trash.

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