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Boys Over Flower (Hana Yori Dango 花より男子)

May 4, 2009
It should be 花より団子but 団子and 男子 sound the same in Japanese. And puns are intended here. It’s of the many popular Japanese proverbs.
It means

  • Dumpling over Flower
  • I prefer dumpling to flowers
  • flowers are not better than dumpling (boys?)
  • I’d rather marry someone for money than love!
  • money over romance
  • Person referred to prefer practical gains to aethetics

So like Chinese chen-yu (成语), it means Money Over Love.  I watched the Taiwanese version of this manga and was disappointed how come they used singers to act.  But audience loved it and especially the F4 boys.  And they used the same names (e.g 道明寺 司) were used except they were pronounced in Chinese.  In the new Korean series, the names were changed.  One wonders why they followed the title so closely.  Koreans  called theirs 꽃보다 남자  or 꽃보다 男子(even if you don’t know korean hangul, notice how  the last two characters look like the kanji in the title in Japanese).  But so much good things were said about the Korean series, I felt I must have missed a lot especially when I have seen both the Taiwanese version and loved the Japanese version (both series I and II).  But I’m going to hold on for a long while to to able to compare Jun Matsumoto (Japanese version), Jerry Yan (Taiwanese version) and Lee Min Ho (Korean version)  That way I can see it cheaper or even free without purchasing pirated copies of the DVD.

Talk about flower, I never knew they grew on trees.  In fact I didn’t know trees come in many colours besides green.  In Primary School, I once laughed at a classmate for colouring trees orange and purple,

    "Where got purple tree one? and orange tree?  ha, ha, ha! "

Apparently this classmate travelled wide and saw orange/purple trees.  He probably told me softly but as a boy, I treated that softness as a sign of defeat than a defence.

"Flowers don’t grow on trees."  said I.

But today, one of the thing I love was seeing flowers on  trees in the Spring.  They don’t stay very long though.  Like this Sakura:

From far, they looked white and glamourous:

From near it looks like this:

Or this one from very, very near
Very Near
When they fall, they form lots of white petals on the grass  like "disgusting dandruff on a person’s green sweater".  That’s when you feel like cring and the first song that comes to my mind is " 太阳下山明早依旧爬上来,花儿谢了明年还是依样的开。。。“

More photos of trees in the spring?  Click here!


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  1. Vicky permalink

    Hey, didn\’t know men also like F4. Love the flowers – so pretty! Pity the flowers were still not blooming in Shangri-la!

  2. Nabueh permalink

    F4? If I have to choose amongst the four, I would like to be Hanazawa Rui (花沢 類 ). He is really, really cool about everything. I don\’t care if I looked like 周渝民( Vic Zhou) or 小栗 旬 (Oguri Shun), but the manga character has a sense of emotional peace and stability hard to describe. Kind of like a meditating monk.

  3. Vicky permalink

    You read the F4 manga? Korean F4 debuts in Singapore on Channel U next week. Catch it while u\’re here.

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