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Outdoor Warmer than Indoor

May 7, 2009
Inside OutsideI could not believe my eyes, two weeks ago, I woke up and the outdoor thermometer reading is higher than that of the indoor.

That’s when it’s perfect for a walk, perfect to   走马看花  (walk the horse and see the flowers)
Like I said, for twenty over years of my life, I didn’t know flowers can grow on trees.  To me, flowers are either orchid in a pot of clays (no soil), or roses from a shrub ,or tulip from the ground.  My first experience of flowery trees is in April of 1991 in Toronto.
And since, then I get to see that every year.
In Japanese, flower is pronounced like "Hana".  But "Hana shi" or "Hana shimasu" means talk/say/speak.  I wonder if all Japanese men talk romantic flowery language to female.  And "Hanasemasu" means can speak.  Oops, I shouldn’t stray and go into Japanese grammar here…もしわけありません!(I have no excuse?)
Here is a pink flower tree that grow the earliest.  Not even when the weather was warm and the trees started budding and small pinkish bud were forming on every brach tip and that sensation is hard to describe.  Actually it’s not just the sensation of the sight I must say, it’s also the non-presence of the snow and the slight warmth (after six months of extreme cold) together with tree pollen (Ahhh…choooo) and fragrance that triggered that wonderful feeling.   For university students, I must add, there is an extra sensation of anxiety from final exam and the flowers must have seemed different to them) No wonder it’s more than what can be experienced on a postcard.  On the postcard/web, there is only the sensation of sight.  This was actually taken in the school and from far, it looks like a tree of fire.

But if you go very near, it looks like this, and smells very good:

Here is another pinkish tree budding:

This one is just budding and from near it looks like this and smells really nice:

When they were allowed to grow, it looks like this:

and they stay for quite a while, unlike Sakura (樱花 ), which come
and go in less than a week.  But Sakura has a very strong pungent smell.

This one grows from the ground and is just budding too (sorry my focus was on the leaves):

When allowed to grow, I was told it looks like this:

Here are some white and yellow tulips: (as I’ve mentioned, for a long while, I thought all flowers grow this way)

The white ones from near :

This yellow ones from near.

And I was so surprised when I walked past this tree…
Pear Tree
Not because it was white or it has flowers on it, but because during September/October, I’ve been picking pears from this tree which is situated in the school.  Students would walk past this tree, reach for a pear, rub it on their jackets and eat (something I could only read in a book when in S’pore).

When you look really, really close the flowers looks like this:  (aren’t they pretty?)

flower form Pear Tree


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  1. Vicky permalink

    Hey, you should at least identify the flowers!

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