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Feng Shui or Superstition

May 24, 2009

When you light a match and somewhere in Zimbabwe a house catches fire, you probably think it’s mere co-incidence. But when every time you finish a whole can of peanuts in one afternoon, the very next day you got sick, then you tend to blame the peanuts for your illness.

Life has many unexplainable co-incidences that are hard to find satisfactory scientific explanations. But we don’t just let it go and accept that as mere co-incidence.  Our mind/spirit yearns for an explanation.

What are the odds that when we look in retrospect that danger came so near to us (or any one in the family) and yet in the nick of time, it was just a close shave? You can sigh a sigh of relief, but one wonders if there’s some other bigger force out there like an ANGEL or something. Or your luck is extremely good it must be an auspicious activator being placed in the correct place in the correct corner of your house according to your Kua Number. Or like Disney Mulan, your ancestor sent a guardian to follow you to protect you.

As human beings, it’s hard not to be superstitious. Scientists even proved that our brain is wired so we are very likely to believe in a celestial being that’s beyond ours.  VoodooThat is, we are more prone to be superstitious than neutral.  Almost all ancient beliefs are voodoo, almost all ancient medicines are quakes.  But that’s how we all began.  Hopefully, over time, we perfect ourselves to be more scientific.

Like I’m supposed to be in Asia right now.  But some heavy, emotional events happened made me change my plans.  Everything was so close, it’s hard to believe why we’re not in Indonesia/Singapore right now.  Even our pediatrician said there’s something out there to believe why we’re where we are today.  And surprisingly, despite the huge monetary loss, there was no hard feelings not even any sense of anger (except some sense of disappointment over how SIA treated us).  Normally, I would be grouchy even over ten dollars!


Or the Chinese would say, "这是天意!" (It’s fate!)  But should one really believes in destiny?  Or are we really the captains of our own life-ship?  There is a  命(ming, life) and there is 运 (luck, yun), but is 命运 "ming-yun" fated?  Or can we use 风水(feng shui) to alter it?  No wonder the Chinese saying:


Or my aunt (and Singaporean aunties)  like to say "Choi, choi, touch wood, touch wood"!



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  1. Vicky permalink

    \’no heart feelings.\’ Do you mean no hard feeling?

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