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I learned something from my daughter

June 3, 2009
Me:  "Name all the planets in the solar system."

Daughter:  "Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter Satrun, Uranus Neptune."

Me:  "What about Pluto?"

Daughter: "Pluto got kicked out!"

Me:  "What?  Who said that?"

Daughter:  "Yeah, it’s no more a planet, it’s called a Dwarf Planet!"

I am sure Pluto is still happily revolving round and round the Sun despite what we call it.  But upon consultation with astronomer Dr. Darren Williams, I learned that what my daughter said was true.  Pluto was not massy enough to be a planet.  It doesn’t have enough gravity to pull things around it so that it appears "isolated".

"But Mercury is light as small too, why wasn’t he get kicked out?"

"He will be if a magic hand moves him around the location of Pluto or Eris near the ends of the solar system."

"So lucky for Mercury, there is not enough "debrises" around him to test his strong pull of gravity and so he naturally is isolated?"

"Yes, you can say that."


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One Comment
  1. Vicky permalink

    Wa, Amanda is so clever, or is it that Dad is so ignorant?

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