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Zaru Soba

June 7, 2009

It’s one of those Sunday where we have been invited to a potluck party at 4PM.  Now 4PM is too early for dinner as we usually have dinner after the gym at 8PM or later and 4PM is too too late for lunch.

“Better have something light before we go.”

That’s a sentence that starts with “better” (see Grammar) and it’s true I had better cook something light for my daughter and myself.

I remember “ZA-RU  Soba” ( ざるそば )some buck wheat Japanese noodles I bought not-so long ago.


I mistaken the price –tag on this packet of noodles as $1.59 and I remember those “yummy” soba on a block of ice I tasted in Sushi Tei  (すし亭 ) in China Square Central.

Turning over, I realize the instructions were all in nihon-go.

UncookedSobaBack1 UncookedSobaBack2

It took me quite a while to read and understand those and to save time, I boiled it, quenched it in cold water, did not bother to quench in colder water and did not bother to place them on a block of ice.  The result came out in a small plate looking like this:

CookedSobaSmall with scrambled eggs and Japanese Rice Seasoning (Furi-kake 振り掛け)

On my big plate with Tao-You ( 福建黑豆油) and Sesame Oil (and Vietnamese chilli sauce) it looked like this:


I gobbled up my whole plate like a hungry ghost.  My daughter didn’t like it.  She chose all the furi-kake and eggs.  Too bad, she has wait till 4PM to taste real food which I found on the stove freshly cooked from the oven and managed to take one picture:


And I realize that the price-tag is really $7.59 for 3 bunches.  So that plate cost me about $2.50 and I still had to cook it!


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