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Arisan in Greece

July 13, 2009

This is a town very near to the University where I spent seven years of my life in.  We drove to Buffalo (which is one and a half hours away) and our friend, Lucy, drove us to Greece which is only forty-five more minutes.  The party was great.  I was quite sure my daughter had a great time playing with water in the backyard while my wife and I mix and mingle with the people in the party and had great Indonesian food.

Rochester1                          Rochester2

Then we spend the rest of the time walking in Genesee Valley Park.  This park hasn’t changed very much.  The vastness of it is enough to make us visit that place again.

We stayed in MOTEL 6 next to the airport.  It is so basic, it has no alarm clock, no coffee making machine, no shampoo or conditioner, no hair drier, no even a menu in the room telling us what’s available and what’s not.  All there is was a phone, and two big yellow pages.  The price is not so cheap by American standard but on Sunday, it is slightly (maybe S$10) cheaper than Keong Siak Hotel or Hotel 88 of Singapore.  But without all these amenities, it doesn’t really bother us because it’s relatively clean until…

…when my daughter needed to poop in the morning and the toilet bowl was clogged.  She was rushed down to the “lobby” area and the Motel 6 staff refused to let us use the “staff toilet”.  There was anger and flair from demands and dissatisfactions (my aunt will say, “bang table already”) until the maintenance came up to the room and spent 10 minutes unclogging the toilet bowl.


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