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As Little As Twelve Thousand Dollars

July 15, 2009

It’s probably hard to put the above in a sentence as $12,000 is a lot of money if it’s not buying a house or a car.  But this exact phrase was used in today’s news article entitled

"MOE cancels registration of Brookes Business School".

No, it’s not about buying a fake degree directly from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Brooke Business School made people register for their classes and do lot of who-knows-what projects, then give the graduate a fake degree from RMIT.  Hua!  Like that also can make money, ah?

What strike me was that the news agent use “as little as” to describe the amount of money needed to buy that fake degree.  As far as I know, that amount is more than all the degrees I’ve got in my whole entire life.  My primary school, Secondary school and JC cost mere peanuts and my total NUS cost me only $500+$500+$500+$1000.  And all the other degrees after that cost me nothing.  Why doesn’t he/she just use the normal “as much as $12,000”?


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  1. Vicky permalink

    Modesty is not in your vocaulary. We all know you had scholarship, but someone is paying your fee somewhere, tax payer etc. So it\’s only free to you.

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